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Hyderabad Alumni Association
of JNTU College of Engineering, Kakinada
(Regn. No. 1209/2006)

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Life Member Profile

Sri Syed Allah Baksh


Sri Syed Allah Baksh

[1968, ECE]

Retd. Professor & HoD,
Dept. of IT,
Deccan College of Engg. & Tech., Hyderabad

Awards & Achievements:

State First Rankat SSLC.

University Second Rank at BE.

Started the ECE Dept., and Established All the Labs for 4 Years at MJCET, Hyderabad.


Residing at Rochester (USA) with Green Card


Worked as Lecturer at HKE Engg. College, Gulbarga for 10 Years.

Worked as Professor & HOD of ECE at MJCET, Hyderabad for 4 Years.

Worked as Maintenance Engineer at MESCO, Riyadh Saudi for 2 Years.

Worked as Lecturer in College of Computers & Information Systems, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 13 Years.

Worked as Professor & HoD of CSE/IT Depts. at Deccan College of Engg. & Tech., Hyderabad for 16 Years.


Wife retired Lecturer in English from City College. Residing at Rochester with Green Card.

Have 3 sons.

  • Eldest one MS in Computer Science from US and settled at Edmonton, Canada as Senior System Analyst.
  • Second one MBBS from MNR Medical College and seeking admission into Residency with Green Card at Rochester, NY.
  • Third one completed BS in Computer Information Systems from Brockport College at Rochester, US citizen working at Clarado Software Ltd.

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